Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Christmas in JULY starts NOW!!!

Why wait until December?
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Thursday, June 10, 2010


hey parents...

Looking to keep your kids entertained this summer? Relieve boredom with Heritage Makers! Save all summer long with our incredible “mom I have nothing to do packages!

We have found that kids of ALL ages LOVE to work on HM projects.  Use it as a Summer academic project, edit together and learn together until you've got it just right!

(click to enlarge)

I have found that kids from about ages 8 and up can usually use HM on their own!  I have had many kids TEACH their parents how to use the system.  They are just born DIGITAL!

plus.... Club Premier Member Save even MORE!!

Cure boredom this summer with creative ideas:
  • Review reading, writing, math, technology, and more in a fun and interesting way.
  • Fine-tune motor skills, drawing,  and writing by publishing personal creations.
  • Build self esteem by showing your child’s work of in beautiful storybooks.
  • Heritage Makers provides all of this learning at their finger tips with HM Studio Software, plus it costs less than a video game, and is a much better use of their time!

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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

A guided tour of our publishing facility, can I just say WOW!!!

In May, I received a special treat. As a leader in Heritage Makers, they provide exceptional training and opportunities for us to help grow our business. I was able to attend the leadership training, held here in Provo, UT which also included a tour of the home office. I am including a "virtual tour" for you in this post.

As of May 1st, 2010 all of our products, except for one, are now produced IN HOUSE. This has huge significance to both you as a customer, and me as a consultant. This change will bring about many positive changes in quality, production time, and customer service. By having our publishing services done IN HOUSE, it will be much easier to monitor quality, and catch errors BEFORE shipping out to you, the customer.
(This is Justin standing next to our new State of the art Xerox G4 Printer.  The first one to be installed in Utah)

When we were using a contracted company to publish, we were unable to catch and correct basic printing and trimming errors before sending items out to the customer.  That will change now, with the use of some great new equipment as well as great staff to monitor it.

(Here is our new digital fully automatic cutting machine.  It does page trimming for small projects like swatch books and Cards.)

I have to say too, as I toured the facility, that I was so impressed by the high caliber of people we have at home office as well. They are committed to the vision of Heritage, and want to make sure that you are getting great customer service and quality control.

 Here is our new wire stitching machine.  This is what gives our books a virtually indestructible binding.  See below as one of the employees is trying to tear a binding that has just been stitched.

 All in all, I could see that Heritage Makers has spared NO expense in acquiring the latest technology of printing and binding equipment.  Plus the majority of these machines are still operated by hand, and best of all your books are printed, and assembled right here in the good ol' US of A.  Now that MEANS SOMETHING TO ME!

The covers are set and glued by hand, then run through this machine to press, heat, and set the glue.

 Some covers coming out of the heat set machine. 

And finally, here is the end of the line, where projects are checked and sorted.  So if you order several different kinds of products, they go here in a slot for you, while your other projects are being completed.  There is also a large table here so employees can visually check things like print quality and alignment before shipping them off to you.  Our shipping turnaround time should now more consistently be within the 3-4 day range at most during normal production times.  Obviously longer during holiday rushes.

Hopefully you've enjoyed this little tour with me, and have a better understanding of how things work.  Being able to see it all first hand has increased my love and respect for a company I already adored.  We have a great staff of friendly helpful people ready to do all they can to help us preserve our heritage.  

So what do YOU think of all this?  Please post your thoughts in the comment section below!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

NEW Products!

It's that time of year again, and heritage makers has brought you product "updates" to keep those creative juices flowing! In case you had 't heard, HM will be discontinuing the 12 x 18 poster. They simply weren't having enough orders of this product to keep stocking the paper. Keep in mind though, you can use an 18 x 24 poster to create 2 12 x 18's at a more reasonable price anyway. In an effort to listen to those of you who will still like a small affordable poster, we have now introduced the 11 x 14 Print. It is printed the same way as our 12 x 12 and 8.5 x 11 prints and so it is even more affordable than the 12 x 18 was. It will be sold in 10 packs, similar to our other prints, and retails for $49.95, or 4.95 ea! Wow, what a great value! The other benefit of this size is that is fits a standard frame that you can purchase anywhere, so it gives us a great new option for either large photo prints, collages, or poster style projects. HM designers are already busy working on new templates for this product!
You can view the PROMO FLYER HERE

Also, in the way of updates, we will now be getting a new spiral binding option on the swatchbooks, and changing the name to "FLIP BOOKS" Because of the new crop margins to account for the binding, these will not be interchangeable with the swatchbooks. So, HM will also be working to build up the template section for these projects. This new product is available immediately. See the PROMO FLYER HERE

Also, PLEASE don't forget about our fabulous MAY specials. You will all be calling me later asking for specials on these size books. Our 3 most popular sizes our on sale, buy one, get one discounted. See the previous post for details! Have a fantasic MAY!!!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

May Specials - BOGO discounted!

Sale ends May 31, 2010

"Never forger those who have left an impact on your life.... those you have loved...those who have lived...those who will live on forever in your hearts. Connect the generations with tribute books full of stories and photos about your loved ones." (HM)

In May, buy one, save on the second! And, if you're a Club Premier Member, you save EVEN MORE on the second credit!
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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

May Newsletter

Hi friends! It's been a busy couple of weeks here at the Ruiz home! We have been busy preparing the garden for planting, remodeling the Chicken Coop, AND we have 18 duck eggs in the incubator that will be popping out here in a couple weeks! We love to be outside, and as the weather permits we are out there more and more! I love taking pictures of my kids working hard. We have photos of them doing everything from planting trees, to playing with animals, and even some up in a big tree pruning branches. I can't wait to get those into my 2010 Yearbook!
I like to use Heritage Makers as my "photo system." I don't need to have a particular reason to make a book. I simply upload my photos into Heritage Makers each month and make a few pages in a book, based on what we did that month. Then, at the end of the year, I have a whole book ready to print out for that years happenings. I don't spend time making a book for each child with the exception of a baby book, and I DO have an ongoing "school" book for each kid that just has their school photos and achievements in it. Other than that, it is only the one family yearbook each year. My plan is to print copies of all the yearbooks for each child when they marry, and hand that to them as their wedding gift. Here ya go son, here's your life! Can you imagine what a treasure that will be to their children and grandchildren? And all by simply using a system to keep all the photos in line.
For this reason, I find that Premier Membership is the most valuable tool for my family. It gives me "time" in the system. I have access to templates (which I DO use for my family yearbook) as well as art and UNLIMITED PHOTO STORAGE. I never have to worry about losing my photos, or running out of storage space when I am using Premier because all of those things are covered for one low price.
If you haven't gotten in on Club Premier, now is the time to do so! You can get a whole year of "time" in the system for only $99.95. That works out to only $8 per month! Wow! Plus, this month only, you can get Premier AND a 12 x 12 Credit for $159.95! If you are ready to make Heritage Makers YOUR photos system, please contact me, and I will help you get started! This also makes a great Mother's Day Gift for the picture taker in YOUR family! Hope you have a great month! And Happy Storybooking!